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What Makes A Meeting Stand Out in 2019

About 4 month(s) ago by Wingate Missoula MT
What Makes A Meeting Stand Out in 2019

What Makes A Meeting Stand Out in 2019

Planning a meeting is an essential part of a typical workday, but with a little creativity, you can transform a mundane activity into something that inspires your team. If you're hoping to change things up at your next business gathering, here are some ways you can coach your team to greatness.
Practice Brevity - Meetings can easily slip into a cycle of rambling and one-sided communication. To avoid this, compile a brief agenda beforehand. Dedicate two-fifths of a meeting to introductions and covering the agenda, then hand it off to your team and encourage open discussions. This will keep your team on their toes, ready for a productive day.
Acknowledge Achievements - 2019 meetings demand more constructive criticism and a number of top businesses encourage highlighting positive efforts made by their employees during this time. Appreciating the work of your peers in a public setting builds an inclusive environment, which motivates hard workers to run that extra mile.
Encourage A No-Phone Zone - Ask your team to switch phones off or leave them on vibrate. Maybe take a step further and ask to close laptops as well. It is known that note-taking via private devices reduce one's attention span, which can lessen your productivity. There's no harm in delegating the task of taking meeting minutes to one individual. This means the majority of your crowd will be all ears.
Experiment With Non-Traditional Methods Of Presenting - Gone are the days when companies relied on Powerpoints. Even though graphics and text play an important role in providing a visual form of information, a change in location can also help your peers. Introduce walking meetings or try to organize a gathering in a different venue.

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