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Wingate by Wyndham Missoula Meeting room
Feb29, 2020

Top Meeting Trends for 2020

Posted by: Wingate by Wyndham Missoula
Top Meeting Trends in 2020

As tech evolves, so does the art of meeting planning. And in an industry where everything is more and more about staying connected, it can be challenging to keep pace. So, what's a meeting or event planner to do? For starters, keep reading. We've put together some of the top trends in the industry as you set out to plan your next function. Here's a peek at some of the latest trends that are changing the way we meet in 2020.

  • Networking Events

Trends are showing that face-to-face time is becoming more and more of a commodity among businesses, vendors, and consumers. Because we spend more time in front of screens than ever before, we're seeing huge business value from event marketing, networking, and face-to-face events. To capitalize on this, planners should create more opportunities for their attendees to interact and promote spontaneous interactions.

  • Attendee Experiences

The world of business and leisure is blending more and more and based on the latest research from the Experience Institute, over 70% of people consider the destination of an event one of the reasons for whether or not they plan to attend. When considering this, it's more important than ever to craft experiences for your attendees, whether that means hosting excursions to nearby attractions or choosing an interesting locale.

  • Personalized Agendas

More than ever, attendees are looking for ways to personalize and customize their event. Many planners key in on this trend by offering custom meeting agendas or itineraries that focus on an attendee's specific needs. Polling is another way to capitalize on this trend, letting planners receive real-time feedback that can be used to alter the agenda based on the responses of the attendees.

  • Dietary Considerations

Plant-based diets are becoming more popular than ever thanks to the rise of companies like Beyond and Impossible, and dietary needs often play a big role in whether an attendee has a pleasant experience at your event. The key takeaway here is to make sure your venue has options for people with different dietary requirements. Make sure you connect with catering to customize your menu based on your group's needs.

These are just some of the top trends of 2020 to keep in mind when planning your next meeting or event. If you're ready to dive in, contact our team at Wingate by Wyndham Missoula and submit your RFP